In the latest episode of Knight Capital Podcast, Leaders of Growth, Arthur Nobel interviewed Marcin Majewski, the Founder and Managing Director of Aventis Advisors.

As an M&A advisory firm with a specialized focus on technology and growth companies, we are excited to share Marcin’s and Arthur’s conversation filled with invaluable insights and extensive experiences from the forefront of technology mergers and acquisitions.

Aventis Advisors recently made waves with the launch of our comprehensive research on valuation trends and multiples in the Public and M&A market, specifically honing in on SaaS and Software companies. In the episode, you can learn more about the research findings and engage in an enlightening discussion covering a range of topics, including:

  • The impact of the current market environment on tech M&A valuations and the important considerations for investors to bear in mind.
  • A comparative analysis of public and private multiples, providing deeper insights into why SaaS businesses command higher valuations compared to on-premise software businesses. We also explore any recent changes in their premiums.
  • Uncovering the market dynamics surrounding the “small company discount” and how it influences valuations.
  • The correlation between business size and valuations, uncovering the key drivers that contribute to higher valuations for larger companies.
  • Analyzing the disparities between valuations in private deals and those observed in public markets.
  • Distinguishing the significance between revenue multiples and EBITDA multiples and their respective roles in valuation assessments.
  • Offering guidance to founders on how they should approach understanding the valuation of their own company.

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