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Successful Selling.

Benefit from Aventis’ expertise to ensure you’re selling at the right time. Make certain the legacy you’ve built continues to thrive.

Sell-Side Advisory

Your hard work should be awarded a fair valuation. Aventis has the global network to find you a buyer who is just the right fit.

Business discovery

Collecting offers

Negotiating terms

Due diligence

Closing the deal


Business discovery

Storytelling and the right timing are key to selling successfully.
We’ll help you explore why your business is great and establish how you should sell and who to.


Collecting offers

Convenience and confidentiality are at the forefront of this step.
We work to get the greatest number of offers with the aim of leveraging competition to maximize your gain.


Negotiating terms

Buyers will all put their best foot forward as a result of the competitive pressure from other bidders. You’ll enjoy sifting through the variety of collected offers and make a decision about which you think is the best fit.


Due diligence

Once you’ve decided which offer you like best, you can go back to just focusing on your business. We’ll take care of the heavy lifting - finalizing the terms and deal structure to make sure there are no surprises.


Closing the deal

With legal documents finalized and signed, you can start celebrating a successful transaction. The Aventis team will be equally thrilled because we love getting things done and knowing you’re happy with the result.

The benefits of closing a deal with Aventis Advisors

Deals Closed Efficiently

With our participation in your sell-side journey, you can quickly reach investors that add value to your business and are committed to dealmaking.

Maximize Valuation

Build an excellent equity story and make buyers compete for your business at a price that is attractive to you.

Optimal Investor Choices

Our worldwide network means you can pick from the best, whether a strategic buyer or a private equity company.

Focus on Your Goals

We focus on what you want from the deal, ensuring you have the life you imagined after the transaction.

Sell-Side FAQs

Frequently asked questions about the journey for business owners looking to sell and what it’s like to cooperate with Aventis Advisors.

Timing has a significant impact on the duration of the deal and whether it can be closed successfully.

It usually takes about 6 to 12 months to sell a company. But, how long it takes depends on a few factors, including if you already have buyers lined up, the quality of your documentation and data, and cycles in financial markets and your industry.

Your business means a lot to you – we understand the time and effort you’ve put into getting it where it is today. When conducting a valuation, we strive to exhaust all possibilities and provide you with a favorable valuation outcome.

Investors can value your company by looking at the stock market to see what similar companies are worth and what cash flow your business is expected to generate in the future. They also look at precedent transactions to see how much investors have paid for similar companies.

We have excellent up-to-date content for industry-specific valuation benchmarks; you can read more here:

Mostly, celebrate!

But it’ll mainly depend on your involvement after the sale. The new owner might want you to stay on for 6 months to 3 years for the transition period – then you can stay on as an advisor. Or you can cut ties entirely and retire or start another business (subject to the non-compete clause, of course).

Your involvement post-transaction is determined during the negotiations and put in the contract. Therefore you won’t have any surprises after closing the deal.

You’ve worked so hard to get where you are and want to hire an advisor who genuinely understands what your business means to you. We’ve structured our fees to align with your interests.

We have a retainer fee at the start to ensure mutual commitment to successfully selling your business. Later we have a success fee (a percentage of deal value) that drives us forward, motivating us to make the best deal for you. We only win when you win!

Please read our article about M&A advisor fees if you want to learn more.

Client Testimonial

“The transaction was a big step forward for our whole team. Aventis Advisors did the heavy lifting so that our management team could stay focused on our business. The whole team was always helpful and ready to answer all our questions, they were also really creative about new ideas for our business in the future. Thanks to Aventis, we were able to partner with a great investor, I can highly recommend them.”

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Wiktor Walc
CEO of CKSource
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