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Get Funding to Grow

Drive your business growth with investors from around the world, and enjoy the ease at which you’ll find the right ones.

Raise Capital

Raise funds from investors who are the right fit for your business goals and vision.

Business discovery

Collecting offers

Selecting investors

Due diligence

Closing the deal


Business discovery

Storytelling and timing are crucial to finding the right partner. We’ll help you define why your business is excellent and how best to present it to investors.


Collecting offers

With the right tools we’ll provide, the business you've built, and your team will receive the deserved attention.


Selecting investors

We understand that finding investors who add value and share your goals is crucial. Therefore, we’ll help you determine which bids are worthwhile and filter out the ones that are not.


Due diligence

Once you’ve decided which offer you like best, you can return to focusing on your business’ growth. We’ll take care of the heavy lifting - finalizing the terms and deal structure to ensure no surprises.


Closing the deal

With legal documents signed, you can start celebrating your success and set your eyes on the next big thing. We can help you plan further rounds of raising capital, or you might even consider selling your business or acquiring a competitor. Whatever you choose, Aventis Advisors are here to support you.

The benefits of closing a deal with Aventis Advisors

Optimal Capital Raising

Giving up equity can be a difficult choice. We help you decide on the timing and amount of funding you should receive to maximize your long-term gains

Strategic Thinking

Given our advisors’ different backgrounds, we bring novel ideas and frameworks to make better strategic decisions.

Saving You Time

The journey is time-consuming, especially if you want to run multiple parallel discussions. We take on the heavy lifting so you can focus on your growth.

Ideal Investors

We help you identify and screen potential investors. It’s all about the best fit - chemistry, skill set, network, and ability to finance future rounds.

Raising Capital FAQs

Frequently asked questions about the journey for founders looking for investors to raise capital.

If you have a plan, idea, or the motivation to grow your business and need additional capital or expertise, you’re ready to start looking for investors.

Your growth can include developing a product, conquering a new market, hiring a sales team, or even wanting to advertise on a grander scale.

The first step to prepping your business for investors is having a good story and use cases of what you’ll do when you have the money or expertise you’re looking for. It’s also vital to clearly describe your ideas and your team’s motivation to make them a reality.

The most important thing to remember is to look for more than just money.

You want to partner with investors with relevant experience that’ll add value to your business and people with whom you have great chemistry. It’s also always good to consider the investors’ long-term intentions, like how long they plan to hold your company.

Our advisors help you find the right fit at the right time. We understand that it’s not just about the capital you raise but, more crucially, finding a partner with ideas and a vision that aligns with your own.

Well, first you can celebrate! Then you can continue working on the growth of your business.

As a founder, you’ll still hold your C-level position and should anticipate additional accountability – investors will expect accelerated growth.

In some cases, if you choose to do more rounds of funding, your control over the company might wane over time, which is why we highly recommend finding investors that have a vision and goals that are the same or similar to your own.

Before making an investment decision, investors will look at various factors. These can include your company’s funding history, valuation, and founding team. We’ll help you with the storytelling and how to highlight your businesses’ strengths best.

Your pitch deck will become vital to the storytelling. Your pitch deck informs investors about your company’s essential details, including where you are now and where you envision it going in the future.

Our advisors pay attention to your personal goals and what’s essential to your team. You can keep the focus on your business while we handle the heavy lifting.

We know how to “tell a story” about your business and what investors need to evaluate the opportunity. We manage complex negotiations and specialize in growth and technology – we speak investors’ language and understand the KPIs they pay attention to.

Simply put, we help you close a deal you’ll be happy with.

Client Testimonial

“Aventis supported us in finding an investor the German Müller Medien group - for our business. We are very impressed with the effectiveness of the Aventis Capital team in raising funding.”

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Stefan Batory
Co-Founder and CEO, Booksy
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