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Aventis Advisors combine passion & experience to close a deal that’ll make you happy.

Our dynamic and honest approach to M&A means you get to a better deal, faster.

We care.

We know a deal in more than just money changing hands. We care about the legacy our customers leave behind. We care about our clients’ well being not only financially but also from a human point of view. We care about the future of our clients’ employees and their families and what ultimately is key to every business – their customers.

Dynamic Delivery.

Our goal is to provide services that are adapted to the rapid pace of change in today’s world. We are open to rapidly changing paths in the event that circumstances change in order to help our clients take the best decisions. We utilize a toolbox of modern technologies and research methods to get things done quickly and efficiently.

Keeping Things Simple.

We’re able to comprehend and simplify complex situations, thus getting to the grit of things faster and with less friction. This gives us more time to be creative and come up with solutions that serve our clients better.

Deep Understanding.

Human attention in today’s hectic world is a scarce commodity. We have organized ourselves to give you our undivided attention in order to understand your unique set of needs, goals, and what success means to you in business and life.

Honesty & Trustworthiness.

Human attention in today’s hectic world is a scarce commodity. We have organized ourselves to give you our undivided attention in order to understand your unique set of needs, goals, and what success means to you in business and life.

Being Fresh & Innovative.

Progress and constant improvement is what drives us. We love working with businesses and people that are equally open to them. We stay up to date with the latest trends, utilize a modern technology stack, and rely on highest quality data to give you the best advice we can provide.

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Make the right deal, at the right time, with the right people.

The Aventis Team

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Marcin Majewski

Founder, Managing Partner

As the founder of Aventis Advisors, Marcin has spent more than 15 years being active in M&A and Corporate Finance.

He specializes in the Technology sector with a particular focus on Software, Business Services and Manufacturing. During his career, he’s advised dozens of entrepreneurs and investors.

Marcin is passionate about working with diverse people and getting to learn the fascinating histories of founders. It’s all about connecting the world of business and finance, the creativity that goes into structuring deals (as each deal is unique), and developing meaningful connections between people all over the world.

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Filip Drazdou


Filip joined Aventis Advisors in 2019. He's focused on deal execution, making sure deals run smoothly from start to finish

For Filip, it’s all about “cracking the case” - starting from figuring out who the right buyers are, all the way through to determining what a fair price would be. He loves to crunch numbers, find interesting insights, create optimal structuring, and model mutually beneficial transactions.

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Łukasz Krzempek


Łukasz joined Aventis Advisors in 2022 as an Analyst. He’s focused on conducting industry analysis and valuations as well as coordinating business development activities in the Technology sector.

What Łukasz finds most exciting is combining detailed analytical exercises with demanding business cases and inspiring projects. He has both received high awards in mathematical or statistical competitions and held top positions in Warsaw School of Economics’ Student Council.

In-depth research, unique insights & total honesty.

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An agile approach to M&A

We apply agile principles, acting in a collaborative and iterative way to deliver a faster, smoother deal.

Data and intuition-driven

Focused on results and effectiveness, we base decisions on a combination of hard data and intuition.

Big picture point of view

We look at every deal from different angles and look for long-term sustainable benefits for all involved.

Freedom to be open and honest

We can afford to tell it like it is. Our independence means we offer honest advice & frank feedback.

Globalscope Partners.

With over 30 years of global M&A experience across all continents, Globalscope is 55 independent, successful firms with over 10,000 private company deals completed. This track record illustrates our ability to reach investors and targets all over the globe.

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Make informed decisions about raising capital, selling your company, or buying a business.

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