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Beneficial Acquisitions.

Close a deal that’s the right fit and meets your expectations. Gain access to companies worldwide thanks to Aventis’ excellent research and global network.

Buy-side advisory.

Find the right company to acquire at just the right time. Aventis Advisors have the resources and experience to help you close great deals.

Target search

Approach targets

Handshakes to LOI

Due diligence

Close the deal


Target search

Save time by utilizing Aventis’ insights, resources, and relationships.
Find companies that will bring value to your business and are interested in closing a deal.


Approach targets

We lay the groundwork for you to make a great first impression and build momentum for a deal.

We help you build trustful relationships that drive deals forward.


Handshakes to LOI

We build a favorable deal for you and strive to get it agreed.

Creativity, knowledge of psychology and negotiating skills help you get to LOIs effectively.


Due diligence

Sit back and relax. We’ll do all the heavy lifting when it comes to the coordination of the multiple parties involved. We also help you in evaluating due diligence results.


Close the deal

With legal documents finalized, and signed, you can start celebrating a successful transaction.
The Aventis team will be equally thrilled because we love getting stuff done and knowing you’re happy with the result.

The benefits of closing a deal with Aventis Advisors.

Worthwhile acquisitions

With Aventis by your side you’ll close the right deals. Benefit from our research capabilities, long-term relationships and a sixth sense for finding great deals.

Fair valuation

Get a fair deal or no deal. We want to make sure you’re paying a fair price and team up with the right people to make your investment worthwhile.


Spend your time more wisely. With us you can access more opportunities and rely on our expertise to help you evaluate them.

Risk reduction

Acquisitions are risky. You can rely on us to evaluate potential risks and create ways to secure your investments.

Acquisition FAQs.

Frequently asked questions about the acquisition journey and what it’s like to cooperate with Aventis Advisors.

We have built relationships with many business owners. Some are actively looking for buyers, others are open to talking, should opportunities arise. This is why we advise contacting us with specific details about what you’re looking for. We’re happy to share our views and help you engage with targets that fit your strategy.

We start the process by discussing your objectives and ensuring we fully understand them. Combining targets from our network, with our tried and tested research process we utilize various sources to find less obvious targets. We approach the best ones with a compelling story.

We’ll first execute a discovery process to understand your objectives and your long-term values. We pay attention to factors beyond financial and business goals, such as company culture.

Because we also work to sell companies, we understand what to look for and how to avoid potential issues. We’ll be fully transparent about whether we feel a deal is good or bad for you throughout the whole process.

Our fee structure is two-fold. We have a fixed fee (a retainer), as well as a success fee once a deal is closed.

We follow many companies for a long time and know their history and founders. As a result, we can provide more honest and personal stories, give valuation guidance, and educate about competitors, as well as other potential acquirers.

You’ll also have the benefit of our unique networking and processes that allow us to provide you with less obvious targets that could be flying under the radar, but would be a perfect fit for your objectives.

Client Testimonial

"We’ve been working with Aventis since 2015 and went through several deals buying, selling and investing in new projects. We value their creativity and network. Most important is the fact that they take the time to thoroughly understand and pay close attention to our goals."

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Yeonsu Kim
Co-CEO, Hancom Inc.
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