At Aventis Capital, I and my team have spent the last 7 years serving our clients to the best of our ability. In doing so, we have built a culture, processes, a network of contacts and a passionate team that would serve our clients’ needs better than they would expect. We are very grateful to our clients and current and past team members, our Globalscope Partners and all the professionals we have worked with and who have contributed to the development of our firm.

Over these years, we have come to the realization of the distinctiveness of our operating philosophy. This has led us to embark on a journey to define what Aventis really is about and refresh how we communicate with the world. We have thus developed a new brand for us and a visual identity that more adequately reflects who we are and how we operate.

I am very excited to present to you our new brand Aventis Advisors. Aventis roots are a latin verb that means to desire, to wish for – it stands for our passion to make our clients’ dreams a reality. The second part of our brand name represents our commitment to providing the best advice we can, with our clients’ best interests at heart. We provide our opinions based on thorough research and grounded in our firm belief that following our recommendations represents the best course of action. Our clients’ best interests are our top priority, even if this does not necessarily lead to a deal. 

Contrary to what you might expect from an M&A firm, we believe that the world would be better off with fewer (but better quality) M&A deals done. On the other hand, the deals that should be done often do not happen for a lack of sound advice, clarity about priorities (both in life and in business) and parties to a potential deal just not being aware of one another. We are setting out to improve the M&A market and process by bringing together the right people, at the right time to do the right deals. 

In the course of our firm’s development, a unique set of values and guiding principles emerged, which you can expect us to follow in our work. They have served us and our clients well.

We have defined our core values as: 

  1. We care.

We know a deal in more than just money changing hands. We care about the legacy our customers leave behind. We care about our clients’ well being not only financially but also from a human point of view. We care about the future of our clients’ employees and their families and what ultimately is key to every business – their customers.

  1. Dynamic Delivery

Our goal is to provide services that are adapted to the rapid pace of change in today’s world. We are open to rapidly changing paths in the event that circumstances change in order to help our clients take the best decisions. We utilize a toolbox of modern technologies and research methods to get things done quickly and efficiently. 

  1. Keeping Things Simple.

We’re able to comprehend and simplify complex situations, thus getting to the grit of things faster and with less friction. This gives us more time to be creative and come up with solutions that serve our clients better. 

  1. Deep Understanding

Human attention in today’s hectic world is a scarce commodity. We have organized ourselves to give you our undivided attention in order to understand your unique set of needs, goals, and what success means to you in business and life.

  1. Honesty & Trustworthiness.

We firmly believe that open and honest communication is the best foundation for trusted relationships. We operate with the greatest degree of transparency and integrity.

  1. Being Fresh & Innovative.

Progress and constant improvement is what drives us. We love working with businesses and people that are equally open to them. We stay up to date with the latest trends, utilize a modern technology stack, and rely on highest quality data to give you the best advice we can provide. 

As we begin this new stage of the journey, we set our aims high. We are building a truly global organization that can reach clients and attract future team members who appreciate what we have to offer. As I set out 7 years ago on an entrepreneurial journey myself, I am convinced that Aventis Advisors shall continue to amaze and exceed expectations.