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Impresta Drukarnia
- sold to -
Van De Velde Group

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Sell-side advisory



Deal Team:

Marcin Majewski

Impresta is a paper and cardboard packaging manufacturer for the food industry.


The founder of Impresta was looking to retire after years of hard work put into the business, but haven’t actively explored M&A options, focusing on running the business.

The available options were not immediately obvious to Impresta, as the management team haven’t actively look for buyers, and hadn’t had any inbound inquiries. Aventis approached Impresta with a proposition to explore the sale of the company and start a structured sale process.


Aventis Advisors did a comprehensive outbound reach to a targeted group of buyers from the industry. At the same time, our advisors helped Impresta’s founder to evaluate the potential transaction structures and select the best option.

Stirring up some competition among the strategic buyers, a good valuation and deal terms were achieved. Despite the restrictions caused by the pandemic, Aventis managed to get the transaction to the finish line.

Client Testimonial

“We knew we were ready to move on from our business but didn’t know how to get there. Aventis Advisors did more than just close a great deal. They took the time to educate us about what our options were and made sure that we did everything at just the right time.”

Tadeusz Rybczyk
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