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Marcin Majewski

Avenga is a global IT and digital transformation consultant with more than 3,500 employees in offices across Poland, Germany, Ukraine, Malaysia and USA.

In 2017, Oaktree Capital Management and Cornerstone Partners acquired a Polish IT outsourcing provider IT Kontrakt and set out to build a larger IT services platform through acquisitions. IT Kontrakt and the companies it acquired later rebranded and now trade as Avenga.

In June 2019, a significant milestone was achieved when IT Kontrakt successfully completed the acquisition of Sevenval, marking a strategic move to enhance its market presence and capabilities. The acquisition not only symbolized a pivotal moment for IT Kontrakt but also represented a strategic expansion into the DACH region (Germany, Austria, and Switzerland), demonstrating a keen focus on strengthening its foothold in key European markets.

The acquisition of Sevenval provided IT Kontrakt with immediate access to a well-established set of delivery and sales capabilities within the DACH region. This move was strategic in leveraging Sevenval’s existing infrastructure, client relationships, and regional expertise. The synergy between IT Kontrakt and Sevenval aimed to create a more comprehensive and competitive service offering, aligning with the evolving demands of clients in the digital and IT services landscape.

By integrating Sevenval’s delivery and sales capabilities into its own portfolio, IT Kontrakt positioned itself to provide enhanced services, innovative solutions, and a broader geographical reach to its clientele. The acquisition also facilitated the exchange of technological know-how and industry best practices, fostering a collaborative environment that aimed to drive growth and innovation within the organization.

This strategic move was a significant milestone in the ambitious plan to establish a more expansive IT services platform through subsequent acquisitions. Following the acquisition, a comprehensive rebranding initiative ensued, resulting in the transformation of IT Kontrakt and the various companies it later acquired into a unified entity known as Avenga. Under the leadership and investment of Oaktree Capital Management and Cornerstone Partners, the rebranded Avenga positioned itself as a dynamic and comprehensive IT services platform, encompassing a diverse range of capabilities including software development, digital transformation, and cloud solutions. This transformative journey reflects the commitment of Oaktree Capital Management and Cornerstone Partners to create a robust and versatile presence in the IT services sector.

Aventis Advisors, together with Carlsquare, served as buy-side financial advisors to Avenga in the acquisition of Sevenval.

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