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Sell-side advisory



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Marcin Majewski

xServers is a domain hosting provider based in Bucharest. The company operates its own data center and is one of the leaders in the hosting market in Romania.

R22 is a Poland-based group of companies offering web hosting , omnichannel marketing and telecommunication services. The company is listed on Warsaw Stock Exchange and generates more than €60 million in revenue. The company has an active M&A strategy, expanding internationally through acquisitions.

In 2018, R22 was looking at entering the rapidly growing Romanian market, while the owner of xServers was open to consider the exit. Thanks to Aventis’ past experience in the segment and past relationship with the buyer, it was able to coordinate a fast transaction with an attractive valuation for the seller.

Aventis Advisors served as the exclusive financial advisor to the owners of xServers in the transaction.

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